• Beginning High School on a Firm Foundation (8th Grade Only)
  • Changing the Direction of My Life
  • Christianity 101: Understanding Your Life with Christ
  • Dating & Purity: the Godly Approach to Relationships
  • Dazed & Confused: What’s the Deal with Marijuana?
  • Developing a Devotional Life
  • Developing God’s Heart for the Lost
  • Developing True Confidence (Girls Only)
  • Experiencing God: Right Here, Right Now
  • Fanning the Flame: How to Stay Passionate for God
  • God’s Design for Gender (Girls Only)
  • Hijacking Your Mind: Why Porn Is So Destructive (Girls Only)
  • Hijacking Your Mind: Why Porn Is So Destructive (Guys Only)
  • Holding onto Hope: Shedding Light on Depression & Suicide
  • How to Read & Understand the Bible
  • Introverts in the Kingdom
  • Iron Sharpens Iron: Cultivating Godly Friendships
  • Learning How to Walk in God’s Forgiveness
  • Learning to Find Freedom in Forgiving Others
  • Learning to Honor Your Parents (Even When It’s Hard)
  • Learning to Listen to the Voice of God
  • Looking in the Mirror for My Dream Body (Girls Only)
  • Media Matters: Examining What We Watch & Listen To
  • Moving Past Laziness
  • Q&A with Artist Jon Keith
  • Real Social Justice – What Does the Bible Say?
  • Staying a Christian in College (12th Grade Only)
  • The Biblical Response to Homosexuality
  • The Role of Music in Worship
  • Tips for Success in Worship Leading
  • Tolerance: Sin or Virtue?
  • Unashamed: Living out Your Faith at School
  • Using Your Creative Talents for God
  • Using Your Testimony to Share Your Faith
  • Walking through Grief
  • What Does God Say about Abortion?
  • What Does the Bible Say about Evolution?
  • Where Is God in America?
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
  • Why You Can Trust the Bible
  • Will I Ever Be Enough? Dealing with Insecurity
  • World Religions: Do They All Follow God?
  • Youth Leaders – Keys to Leading a Successful Small Group


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