FQ Rules & Guidelines

General Rules and Info for Youth:

  • Must attend every general session and workshop unless accompanied by a youth leader.
  • Must stay within the FQ designated areas. We want to respect our very patient neighboring businesses.
  • Must have a wristband on at all times. If needed, the registration table has replacement bracelets available.
  •  Go to registration/Info table for help with anything.
  • Lost and found is located at the lockers in Building C.

 Dress Code:

  • No showing UNDERGARMENTS (bra straps & underwear)
  • No midriffs or cleavage exposed and no see-through clothing/ no tube tops.
  • No offensive (i.e.alcohol/tobacco slogans), suggestive/provocative, or ungodly words or imagery on clothing.
  • Leggings cannot be worn as pants unless covered by shorts or with a long shirt that covers past the hips.
  • No short shorts (knuckles must reach the bottom of shorts) or skin-tight athletic shorts.
Future Quest staff reserve the right to address anyone in violation of these rules and guidelines.

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