This will be FutureQuest’s 23rd year running (not counting last year, RIP 2020). We know that the world has endured much in the last year, and we’ve seen the tragic effects of the pandemic on adolescents, who report higher rates of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicide. We feel it is time to safely gather. It is time to worship as the collective church. It is time to create the unique opportunity that FQ affords for students to experience the power, love, and life-changing grace of God. We will examine all updated information and state-directed protocols at the time of the conference to determine what the wisest and most realistic protocols will be. As a ministry we realize we are stepping out in faith in planning the conference.

We also acknowledge that the situation has been (and will continue to be) fluid, with ever-changing guidelines from state officials and even the CDC. At this time we can make no guarantees what all of the protocols will entail. However, conference attendees will absolutely be discouraged from attendance if experiencing any symptoms of sickness. Precautions will be taken throughout the conference in regards to regular sanitization in every measure possible, especially in high-traffic areas. Social distancing will be encouraged. Should individuals or groups feel uncomfortable at or before the event, refunds may be issued. More info to come as the situation evolves!